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Reusable Menstrual Cup Uses and Benefits

A large number of women have a problem when it comes in controlling menstrual fluid during menstruation. This is because that when a woman is experiencing heavy menstrual fluid downpour, some of it is not absorbed by tampons and pads. Now you do not have to go through this challenge anymore thanks to the invention of menstrual cups. A menstrual cup is basically a female product that is inserted when a woman is on menstruation period. This article highlights the advantages and usage of a menstrual cup

To make sure that you get to insert the menstrual cup correctly, ensure that it is well folded and pinched. It will get to automatically unfold once it is fully inserted. The cup gets to ensure that there is no space left between the passage walls and the cup itself. You may also choose to twist the menstrual cup so as to make sure that it is completely open. You should not get to experience any discomfort or menstrual fluid leakages if you got to properly insert the menstrual cup. A liquid lubricant is the most advocated lubricant when it comes to insertion of a menstrual cup. This is due to the fact that no liquid bases lubricants might end up damaging the silicon.

There are many advantages that come with the usage of menstrual cup. Firstly, you will be able to save so much money when you purchase a menstrual cup. This is because it can be used for a period of up to five years as opposed to pads and tampons which are used just once. Pads and tampons are only used once and you will have to purchase more unlike a menstrual cup which you will get to use one for up to five years plus. This will help you save quite a lot of money.

A menstrual cup ensures that it collect all the menstrual fluid and none gets to leak out. Pads and tampons get to leak menstrual fluid especially when you are having a heavy downpour. If the menstrual fluid gets to leak, it will get to your clothes and you would not want this. However, a menstrual cup is able to collect all the menstrual fluid and none gets to leak as the cup walls are well sealed to the passage walls.

You are never going to experience any discomfort when you get to use a menstrual cup. When you get to wear a pad, you are likely going to feel some discomfort from time to time. Such incidences are never going to occur when you get to use menstrual cups.

Menstrual cup usage reduces waste dumping. This is because during menstruation you are likely to use a number of pads and disposing them may not be that easy. That is why in some places you are likely to come across pads dumped all over.

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