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How The Staff And Other Medical Practitioners Started Wearing Scrubs At Work.

The medical field is one of the most evolved fields in the history of man. There is a very big difference of how the practice was carried out back then. Diversification in the medical field was a rare thing in the early days. This is not the case in the modern world as a lot of research is being done singlehandedly and collectively when the need arises. Also in the past most of the diseases did not have cures as people did not know what could have caused them unlike today where thorough research is conducted.

A notable improvement is in the area of clothing in the hospitals and when treating patients. Not until the early 20th Century, doctors and other medical practitioners were not regulated as per what type of clothing to wear at work and especially in the sensitive area like the theatre where surgical procedures were being conducted. Many surgical operators used to have only the clothes that they wore at other places and used to conduct operations in them. Aprons were introduced in the surgical rooms especially because it was believed that it would prevent any kind of infection that can be passed to the patient in surgery. In the olden days, the success and determination of a busy surgeon was if they had bloodstains in their aprons and hands, this is unlike today where cleanliness is paramount.

As time went by, it was discovered that even surgeons had to be protected from patients who could transmit their infections and diseases and so counter measures were to be taken on conducting procedures. This brought up the existence and use of gloves. Face masks were later introduced for the surgeons.

With the awareness that more surgeons used to get infected even with the preventive measures that they took, a solution had to be found as per what kind of attire and measures are people going to take to stop the patient-surgeon infections during surgical operations. The theatre had to be put clean and this even applied on the attires.

During this time of think, a solution that is used up to date was found. An attire had to be found to ensure that all parties are protected. This new type of clothing was designed in a way that is professional and also comfortable to the wearer.

The introduction of scrubs came with a number of rules. It is required that one should not wear any other clothing inside the scrubs especially in the surgical rooms. Another very important rule also is that scrubs cannot be in bright colors more specifically white as it causes a strain in the eyes of staff.

There has been a lot of people in the clothing industry taking advantage and venturing in scrub production. being one of the main hospital attires, it makes the business very demanding. In some parts of the world, scrubs are also used as prison uniforms.

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